Club History

Records indicate that the East Fremantle Cricket Club was founded in the1897/98 season, with a Dr Birmingham being the first President. In the 1903/04 season, the club won its first premiership in the Fremantle Cricket Association. There were 6 teams in the competition, with East Fremantle defeating Coogee in the grand final. In 1905/06 the club had moved over to what was referred to as the Fremantle Senior Cricket Association, however, in 1907/08 the club rejoined the WACAcompetition as did South Fremantle, North Fremantle and Fremantle.No records exist for the club from 1909/10 through to 1912/13, however, the club returned in 1913/14 to win a premiership.

From 1915/16 until 1918/19 there was no cricket due to World War 1, but cricket resumed in the region through the Fremantle Districts Cricket Association in 1919/20, with the club then referred to as High Street East Cricket Club. From 1926-1930, EastFremantle disbanded due to economic conditions caused by the approaching depression, however, the club reformed in 1930/31 to begin what was the most dominant era of their history. Having finished runners-up to South Fremantle in 1930/31, the club then won four premierships in a row. A series of mid-ladder finishes marked the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, other than a grand final loss to Waterside Workers Federation in 1951-52. The club did not go without atrophy though, winning back-to-back Treloar Shields in the late 1940s, which was a competition between the bottom four sides. 1954/55 saw the introduction of two grades in the Fremantle & DistrictsMercantile Cricket Association for the first time. Further success came in the early 1960s as the club finished runners-up to Park Cricket club and then won the 2nd grade Premiership in 1962/63. This was the clubs first premiership success in some 27 years since the golden era of the mid-1930s.

After winning the 2nd-grade premiership again in 1967/68, a very lean period followed in terms of premierships for the club. The club still showed signs of development, however, fielding four sides in 1977/78. Another 10 years passed until one of the greatest moments in the clubs history. 1987/88 saw a 1st-grade premiership by the narrowest of margins – a one-run victory over Kardinya brought the club its first 1st-grade premiership in 52 years. The victory was made more memorable by the fact that the team only snuck into the finals courtesy of an outright victory in the last qualifying game of the season. Modern times have seen the introduction of the one-day format in what has now become the South Metropolitan Cricket Association. The club has built a solid reputation in the one-day game, winning several premierships and featuring in many one-day finals. 1997/98 saw the club win its first two-day premiership since the historic 1987/88 1st grade win.

At present, the club fields four to five sides each season and has built a sound off-field base to secure its future. The junior cricket boys and girls teams have approximately 11 teams. The club’s home ground at Preston Point Reserve is one of the most picturesque and unique grounds in the state, with the short boundaries straight down the ground an attractive feature to all batsmen. Many great players, characters and administrators have come and gone over the years since the formation of the East Fremantle Cricket Club. The current committee would like to thank all of these people, particularly the life members, for making this great club what it is today.