East Fremantle Junior Cricket Club (EFJCC) runs the following programs, which have been developed by Cricket Australia.

Junior Blasters

Fun game based activities for the little ones. Kids get to play with their friends and receive an introduction in the game of cricket.

Key Features of this program:

  • Ages: 5-7
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • 6 week program
  • All equipment provided
  • We encourage parent involvement

Master Blasters

Play small based games with your friends in a fun and friendly environment.  The main qualifying skill is to bowl with a straight arm over 14m

Key Features:

  • Ages: 7-10
  • Players: 6 per team
  • All equipment is provided
  • Pitch: 14 metres
  • Everyone gets an opportunity to bowl, bat and field
  • Overs: 12
  • Boundary 30m
  • Duration 1.5 hours

Junior Cricket Level 1

Play organised games of cricket at your local club – and your kids will make new friends!

Key Features:

  • For boys and girls aged 9-17
  • For kids with basic cricket skills
  • Play games of cricket
  • Game formats and length vary
  • Full cricket season
  • Some equipment may be provided
  • Fun and active
  • Club & school environment – make friends

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